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With Doocat, your clients will have all the advantages of modern day banking in the palm of their hand.

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DOOCAT is jam-packed with features:

  • Super-responsive Design No longer do you need to remember or enter long Account or Access numbers. Simply select the recipient from your Phone Contacts list and transfer funds in a flash.
  • Mobile Commerce Pay for Goods & Services instantly via your smartphone. Fully customizable - with Mobile Commerce, shopping is a breeze.
  • QR Code & NFC ready Take advantage of the ease in transacting via QR code and NFC technology.
  • Group Payments Create recurring Group payments for all of your Utilities and Bills. DOOCAT keeps track of those difficult to remember Biller Codes and ID’s and saves you time!

DOOCAT Internet Banking

Need to access your Internet Banking Account quickly?

Forget the cumbersome token often required to generate a one-time password or PIN. Now you can Log in using your smartphone by reading the QR code from the computer monitor or screen.

Enhance your web experience with a range of useful tools built into a simplistic yet intuitive interface.

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Doocat: the Modular Platform

  • Mobile Banking

    Check Balances, make Transfers, Loan Payments, replenish accounts, Currency Converter and much more.
  • Settings

    Customize DOOCAT the way you like it, and enjoy your new found freedom!
  • Mobile Commerce

    Need to pay for a product or service? Forgot your wallet or purse at home? Out of cash? No problem - the smartphone is always at your fingertips.
  • Reports

    Manage all your expenses at a glance. Reports tell you just how much you've spent in store purchases or on utilities for the selected period.
  • Payments

    Pay for any Service via the Payments Module; simply fill in the required field and enter the amount. Congratulations, you just paid!
  • Auto Payments

    Never miss another payment. Just select your Loan or Utility Services repayment, set the payment status as an Auto payment, specify the Payment date, and forget about it! The Auto payments option also supports Group payments.

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Customize DOOCAT to suit your corporate style and brand.

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Protect yourself from lost or stolen Cards –
Attach your Debit & Credit cards to your Doocat Wallet and manage your finances with ease.
Make payments for over 10,000 Services.
Pay 0% Commission.

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